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Camp Scholarship



A huge part of our ministry at Pine Lake Bible Camp is ensuring no camper is turned away do to financial reasons. We believe every camper should experience the ministry of camp.

Each summer over 1/3 of our campers receive some sort of financial assistance.

This assistance comes from donors, churches, and individuals that love camp and kids so much they are willing to donate toward this cause. 


If you are seeking assistance, first we ask you to consider:

  • Do I need assistance? There are many who cannot come to camp without it?

  • How can I say thank you to the donors who gave?

  • How can I give to others in need (not just financially, but maybe through encouragement, volunteering, or another means to show love). 


If you wish to be considered for a Camp Scholarship, please fill out the form once for each camper for whom you are requesting assistance. 


"What's Next" 

Once you have completed the Camp Scholarship form, please register your camper by signing up online. 

Then, wait. We consider all the campers and have to determine how much each camper will receive. We will be in touch with you, but it can take time. 



Please sign up as early as possible. The later you sign up, the harder it is to ensure all campers will have a spot at camp. 


If you would like to donate a Camp Scholarship, follow the link to find out more. 

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