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PLBC's 2023 Teen Retreat October 20th - 21st

The night begins with registration at 5 PM and Dinner at 7 PM! After dinner there is a challenge from our guest speaker, Seth Ellis!


Please come prepared to spend the night in our cabins with warm clothes and bedding.


Saturday the 8th, Breakfast begins at 8 AM. The morning is filled with challenges from God's Word, and the afternoon Challenges in God's Creation. 


The Teen Retreat is designed to inspire and challenge young people through outdoor activities, great food and fellowship, engaging worship, and messages of conviction from God's Word. Become the young person God has called you to be and be a light to a dark world.


So, what are you waiting for? Change never happens on it's own, it requires action. Do you want to be a teen of action, do you want to be a teen in whom God is well pleased; do you want to become a better leader in our families and churches, and a better witness for Jesus Christ? 

Please make checks payable to First Baptist Church of Caldwell with PLBC in the memo. 

What To Bring

1. Your Bible - God's Word anchors us to Jesus Christ. It is the unshakable truth in an unstable world. A teen in the Word is a teen EQUIPPED.


2. Your Bedding - Bring warm bedding; it gets cold in November. Stay in one of our newer cabins with memory foam mattresses.


3. Your Gear - Make sure to bring your shotguns, ammo, and fishing gear. Every year the trap shooting gets more and more competitive, and the bass keep getting fatter. 


4. Your Friend - Finally, bring your friend. Everyone knows at least one person they want to share the Gospel with. Maybe you can't get your friend to church; well invite him to a weekend at Camp. 


Friday Oct. 20th

  • 5 PM Check In

  • 7 PM Dinner

  • 8 PM Main Session #1



Saturday Oct. 21st

  • 8 AM Breakfast

  • Sessions #2 and #3

  • 12 PM Lunch 

  • 2 PM Pick-Up                    

At a Glance



The price of the teen retreat is: $20



It's a small price but a massive experience. All meals and activities are included in this low price. 





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