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Camp is about faith and fun, and the way we bring these two together is though relationships. A great counselor paired up with excited campers. As a whole, cabins and teams will compete against one another in massive, one-of-a-kind experiences that only Camp can provide. Games like Capture the Flag, and Big Ball Bowling, to. . . well we won't give everything away. Come to Camp and find out!

Massive Camp Activities

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Extreme Experiences

Whether it's playing a game of Paintball, or riding the Zip Line 550 feet over Pine Lake, there are some extreme experiences to be had at Pine Lake. But this time is not solely limited to out in the woods, but also in our times in the Scriptures where there will be come extreme choices every camper will have to make. 

Small Group Settings

Big things happen in the little moments of camp. Twice a day, your camper's counselor leads a small group Bible Study based on what these campers are learning that week. This is crucial for making sure the campers are engaging with the topics, but also provides them time to ask questions and go deeper on a personal bases. This is when connections are made!

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One-On-One Times

Sometimes a camper has questions but does not want to ask them, so One-On-Ones make that possible. "Camp is about the camper" so your camper's counselor want to get to know and pray for them. They don't do this because the "have to" they do this because they love your camper and are investing their time, their summer, and sometimes their sleep to know them better. 


These could be taking time at the pool and just talking, or before the camper falls asleep, or after a Chapel time when a camper has a burning question.
One-on-ones form friendships that last long after these two part. 

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Engaging Bibe Teaching

Young people today think and act differently than the youth of yesterday. However, they still need to hear the truth of the Gospel and the Love of Jesus Christ. At Camp, we seek to minister to all the young people in a way that forces them to think and interact with the message being presented. 

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Authentic Worship
I Corinthians 10:31

Throughout the whole week of Camp, it is our prayer that we will not just sing, pray, and celebrate out of habit. No, we hope that we will seek the Holy Spirit through these acts and that we will be ushered into the Throne Room through our acts of worship through Songs, Prayers, Scripture Reading and more. 

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